Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, of course! We typically allow kids to come to the first 2 rehearsals without having desposited any money. We call these rehearsals the "Open House" rehearsals of the program. The first rehearsal is typically just a meet & greet with drama games, as well as possibly learn a song from the play. The due date for a deposit is always laid out on the bottom of the Program Agreement for every season.
In short, no. We do not hold rehearsals on Tuesdays in which the local Elementary school has no classes. We also avoid Saturday workshop rehearsals during which kids are on Spring Break / Long weekends.
In short, no. If it is only going to be the first few rehearsals, then we can try, but it is highly recommended they are there from day one.
If a child misses the first few rehearsals, in theory that child will still be able to be in the program. However, if a child misses auditions, and we didn't know they were joining until after the show is cast, it is very difficult to incorporate them in the show. If you would like your child to be in the program but you know for sure they'll miss the first few rehearsals, let us know. That way we can make a plan for them.

If you have any questions that aren't already answered here, please contact us.