Register for EPTP

Registrations for the 2019-2020 season for our Drama Club will be open September 3, 2019 at Elk Point's Community Information Night from 6:30pm-8:30pm at the Allied Arts Centre in Elk Point, but if you would like more information, or an alternative time to register, please e-mail us at

Please follow us on Instagram (@EPtheatre) and/or Facebook for the most up-to-date information - Including to see our full rehearsal calendar.

Requirements to Register

Youth registered in the program must be over the age of 6, and mature enough to take directions. It is up to the Parent's discretion to decide if their child is mature enough for the program. We usually suggest ages 8 and up, but we have had as young as 6 in the program and have it work out fine. Youth in the program must be able to listen, and have a certain level of patience.

Registered kids must be able to make it to rehearsals. We do allow for students from neighboring towns to register for the program, and understand that they will be late for the Tuesday rehearsals; however, this is something that must be clearly stated during registration.

It is required that an agreement is signed when a deposit/payment is made for the program. As an example, a copy of the 2017/2018 agreement can be found here. There is also a Registration and Photo Release Form that needs to be filled out upon registration into the program.

Here is a copy of an old Parent Handbook which has information for parents about the program.

Kids also are given an Audition Packet to prepare them for the audition - these are old forms/documents just to give you an idea of how the program runs.

Pricing & Payment Options

Our program cost for one child is $300 for the full 9 months. There are family discounts for when you register more than one child (siblings). We also offer flexible payment plans if a lump sum payment will not work for you.

Putting on a play takes a great deal of work, organization, and time. In order for us to be able to put on the great productions that we are known for, we must have the help of parents (or family members, or even friends of the family) to make the show a success. We have set up a volunteer bond cheque system in which you sign (bond) cheques to Elk Point Theatre Project (above the registration cost) and we hold on to them until you fulfill the volunteer requirements for our program. The bond cheques will only be cashed if your volunteer requirements are not met. Contact us for more information about payment plans and bond cheques.